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316 reviews


1 Bulan yang lalu

6 times we’ve been to Gili T, and this was our first cooking class. It was such a fun experience, the atmosphere is brilliant and we learnt how to make delicious food. The price was great but more so the staff were incredible. Highly recommend. Also supe

Jayde Desprez-Lin

3 Bulan yang lalu

My boyfriend and I had a wonderful time in the cooking class! We chose to go all out and opted for the full 6-course option and did not regret it. The recipes were delicious and I loved learning about the base of Indonesian cuisine. The cooking instructor

Linda LEE

2 Bulan yang lalu

10살 아이가 요리를 너무 좋아해서 참여했고 3가지 음식을 만들었습니다. 쉽게 따라할 수 있게 재료 준비도 잘 되어있고 설명도 친절했어요. 여행에서 현지 음식 요리 경험은 색다른 추억이었습니다. 길리에 온다면 꼭 해보세요.

Dixie McDonald

1 Bulan yang lalu

Great fun preparing the 6 dishes! We had a lovely group of strangers thrown together to enjoy a unique experience. Very well organized, plenty of laughs, singing, tasting, and testing. Food was simple enough to make, but it wasn't just about the food. We

Bevin Hook

6 Bulan yang lalu

We did this class on Gili Air and it was so much fun. We cooked 6 different dishes and learnt some new skills. The dishes were amazing and easy to replicate when you get home. The staff (Ben) were amazing, very informative and had a laugh along the way. I